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Team spirit and the feeling of belonging are important characteristics in our private life but especially in our work life. If you solve a task together, the best case would be that everyone works together and help each other. If you succeed to create the feeling of belonging and team spirit in your office, your employees will not only be happier but also more productive and more motivated. It would be a great success for both sides, the employer and the employees. We will create a winnerteam which works together with our special Teambuilding training in the heart of Bavaria. Mutual trust and cooperation is very important to us.

What we offer you

Raft Building
Management Training
Seminar Support

We are offering in our Rafting-Center in Berchtesgaden besides sports activities also Company- and Teambuilding Workshops, Management Training and Seminar support. Come by and we‘ll support you individually.

Achieving more together!

Communication, Cooperation & Trust!

Nothing is stronger than a team which supports each other and work together to achieve an aim. We have some great solutions to work on your team spirit. For example building a Raft together will be a lot of fun and strengthens the solidarity in a playful way. After finishing the Raft, you will ride downstream on the magnificent river. An experience which will strengthen the connection of your team.

Our special Team-Training will teach you to solve tricky situations together, to have a common aim and to communicate in a clear way even in difficult times.

In our Management Training, we will work together with you on constructive solution methods. The goals are Creativity, Project Management, Teamleading, recognizing problems and Strategic Development.
Furthermore we are offering sports actitivies for your Meetings. Just tell us your timetable for your Seminar and we are taking care of everything starting from the Pick-Up to your Return transfer. Lean back and enjoy our service. We are happy to support you.

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