Rafting Tours in Bavaria

The somewhat different water adventure

From beginner to expert rafting pro – R-E-T Berchtesgaden offers the right rafting tour in Bavaria for everyone. Experience a unique outdoor adventure through the Berchtesgaden and Austrian alps.

Our rafting tours in Bavaria:

The rafting fun adventure tour (easy)

On this trip, beginners have the chance to learn the ropes and get to know the rules of rafting. It begins in Unterau and continues to include lots of fun activities, such as brigde jumping, the water works, the washboard and many more.

Time required: around 2,5 hours
Price per person: on request

The Goell tour (intermediate)

The Goell tour offers a slightly higher difficulty level that the rafting fun adventure tour. Brave beginners and those with some rafting experience will find the perfect mixture between having fun and being challenged.

Your tour starts at the center, then goes on to the salt mine barrier, Seimlerbach, Unterau barrier, continuing on to the water ride, bridge jumping, water works and many other fun activities.

Depending on the water level, we can offer this tour from May until the end of June.

Time required: around 3,5 hours
Price per person: on request

The Watzmann tour (very hard)

The greatest of all rafting tours and a real challenge for advanced rafters. There is nothing but action right from the start and even our guides are full of adrenaline during this trip. All party members must know the commands perfectly and work togehter as a perfect unit!

Depending on the water level, we can offer this tour from May until the end of June.

Time required for the Watzman tour: around 5 hours
Price per person: on request

Our Services

state approved guides
rental of a complete set of rafting gear
shuttles to the stating point and back

Please bring the following on your rafting tour in Bavaria: bathing suit, a towel and sports shoes (which will get wet).

Our rafting tours in Bavaria

Rafting für Groß & Klein

Our rafting tours in Bavaria are lead by highly trained boatsmen. At the beginning of the tour, all important rules governing the participant’s behaviour whilst on the white water are explained during a so called „safety talk“. Then you will be ready to face the challenges presented to you by rolling waters, sweeping currents and wild waves.

Since you can only achive successfull boatsmanship through good teamwork, rafting is also an excellent exercise for companies and clubs. Our rafting tours in Bavaria provide a wonderful group experience where every individual matters!

The only prerequisites for a rafting tour in Bavaria are swimming skills and good physical condition. Please unterstand that we can not allow intoxicated guests to take part for safety reasons.

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