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Wonderful winter landscapes in Berchtesgaden


If you love powdery white winter landscapes, snowshoe hiking is just the thing for you! Snowshoeing also offers a great alternative to downhill skiing. Snowshoeing has become a very popular winter sport and we mean to introduce it to you with our extraordinary hikes around the breathtaking countryside of Bavaria and Salzburg.

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The Ski-Bockerl is a non-motorised piece of winter sports equipment, which you sit on and use to race down the mountain with. It has a ski attached to the bottom and is controlled by shifting one’s weight. This activity offers a really fun experience for everyone!

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How about a rafting trip in the winter? We offer a somewhat different kind of rafting experience: snow rafting in Bavaria is an absolute highlight for the adventurous! A special kind of kick for children and adults! Ride full speed down a mountain on a groomed track and feel the adrenaline levels rise!

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Tandem snowboarding in Bavaria is the perfect experience for beginners! The greatest advantage here is being able to snowboard without great trouble or risk of injury. All the rider has to do is hold on to the tandem pilot (like you would on a motor bike) and enjoy the ride!

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Guided by a professional, you will be rushing down the bobsled track at Koenigssee lake at up to 130 kilometers per hour. The 1200 meter long ice track has 14 curves and is often referred to as „the snake pit“, „turbodrome“ or the „echo wall“.

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For a very special sledding experience in Bavaria, just come to R-E-T Berchtesgaden! Our boss has had a special place in his heart for this activity since childhood. As a professional sledder, he was already racing down toboggan runs around the world as a teenager. At the time these runs were made from artificial ice. These days he is happy to race down the natural runs in Bavaria and Austria.

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